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A-Various CD
Irish Hearts And Country Sounds


Price : £ 4.99

Product code : SHACD120

Enchanting country and Irish Melodies from KATHY DURKIN, HUGO DUNCAN, GENE STUART,EILEEN KING, and more

1. My Funny Way Of Laughin'
2. Maggie
3. The Violet And The Rose
4. Then I'll Stop Lovin' You
5. A Timeless And True Love
6. Thinkin' Tonight Of My Blue Eyes
7. The Girl From Yesterday
8. Spancill Hill
9. The Leavin' Of Liverpool
10. The Old Spining Wheel
11. The Luisnagh Fields
12. Vija Con Dios
13. The Heart That Beats In Ireland
14. Heart Over Mind
15. A Nowhere Train

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